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Helena Eslon.

Hi there! I am a photographer, videographer, webdesigner - specialised in navigating the depths of marketing and branding. For me it is all about recognising the true story of my client and giving it  a visual appearance to properly introduce them to the world.

It is all about standing out by being who you really are.

Commercial photography For me photography is being in my comfort zone. Delivering steady quality is an important part of my work, but the biggest passion lies in telling the story. Who are we talking to, what are we telling them? Photography gives an impression in seconds, that’s the challenge which thrives me – to bring out the best of it. Just as it is.

Helena Eslon
Course Instructor

I work mostly in Finland, Estonia and Amsterdam.
Languages: FIN, EST, EN

Don´t hesitate to contact me!

Eslon Productions
VAT ID: 2735878-2

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